• D.O.B: 6-17-18

  • ABCA registered — Red Tri w/ Blaze and partial Collar, Smooth Coat

  • Sire: PR Monty (PR Zeke x IMP. Kilcreen Rua)

  • Dam: Paisley (Mission Falls Ranch Rhett x Jumpin’W Sunny)

“Kade” turned one year old this June (2019) and is well started on sheep and goats. He is a sweetheart in nature and very eager to please. He looks to be maturing to about 40 pounds. His pedigree promises powerful working ability. He has already become useful as a farm chore dog and I hope to translate his eagerness over to cattle once he has gained full confidence.


  • D.O.B.: March 2014

  • ABCA registered — Black Tri w/ White Face & Chest

  • Breeder: Mission Falls Ranch, St. Ignatius Mt

“Kirby” is a 5 year old neutered male and has my heart! He was the start of my passion for training stock dogs and has taught me so much. He has been an invaluable asset to me on the ranch. Unfortunately in the spring of 2018, Kirby sustained a head injury while moving cows followed by second a few weeks later and third concussion in the fall. As hard as it was to lose my main helper, I have significantly restricted his exposure to cattle to avoid another life threatening injury. He has retired to mainly working my little herd of sheep and goats and relentlessly playing fetch.