health screenings:

  • Health tested for a full genetic panel through PawPrint Genetics. These tests will include those that are most common to the Border Collie breed including: Collie Eye Anomaly, Degenerative Myelopathy, Intestinal Cobalamin Malabsorption, Multidrug Resistance 1, Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis 5, Sensory Neuropathy, and Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome.

  • Hip Displasia- OFA Score: A hip x-ray is evaluated to check for loose sockets. If there is dysplasia, it is graded on the level of laxity, if there is no dysplasia, the “tightness” of the hip socket is assigned a “grade”. OFA grades are excellent, good and fair. 

  • Ophthalmologist Evaluation: All breeding stock will receive a yearly CERF exam. CERF stands for the Canine Eye Registration Foundation. A board certified canine ophthalmologist checks the eyes of each dog for signs of disease. Dogs that pass are issued a certificate valid for one year. The exam can only tell an owner if the dog has a disease present, not if the dog has genes that can cause disease in its offspring.

Breeding program

My dogs are first and foremost my partners and members of my family. They are actively engaged in my family’s every day lives and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I cannot even count the number of ways that my dogs enrich my life on a daily basis.
I recognize that each dog has its own set of strengths and weaknesses, much like I do. I thoroughly enjoy developing each individual dog’s unique set of abilities. While I strive to produce a usable working dog, I recognize that this depends much on the instinct and natural working ability that they are born with and that even within a litter the strength of these traits may vary from pup to pup. I carefully select my dogs based off of pedigree, genetic & health testing, accomplishments, conformation, disposition/temperament, working ability, and other characteristics outlined in the breed standard. I do not breed for characteristics such as coat color, size, weight or size brackets or eye color but for brains, quality, conformation, bone, and balance as they relate to performance and ability.

My hope is to produce dogs that can excel in any discipline- herding, agility, search and rescue, and other sports or jobs at any level including competition. This means they must be intelligent, biddable, able to think on their own, healthy, and good natured dogs that can endure a hard days work if it is asked of them.

I will be breeding my Border Collie females once a year or every other year to ensure reproductive health and to give the dog the opportunity to be a working member of the team.


My dogs have purposeful lives beyond breeding as members of our ranch and family. I take great pride in my dogs and their offspring. I strive to produce useful, healthy, intelligent, hard-working, adaptable dogs that are capable partners and also exceptional family members.